5 – 6 years old

Pre-primary stage, often referred to as Stage 1, is an integral part of primary education. Its primary aim is to ensure children acquire the essential knowledge and skills, transitioning seamlessly from “learning through play” to the more structured environment of primary school.

Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

Comprehensive Development Milestones Of A Busy Bees Child
Pre-Primary (5 – 6 years old)

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)


    Demonstrates advanced phonetic awareness, recognizing rhyming words and initial sounds

    Reads short sentences composed of words like “the”, “and”, and can decode simple words like “hat” or “dog”

    Engages in imaginative play, using known stories as a basis for creating their own narratives

    Writes simple sentences, labels, and captions, and displays a foundational understanding of the alphabet

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)


    Recognizes and counts numbers from 1 to 100, and understands numerical relationships like “more”, “fewer”, “one more”, and “one less”

    Applies counting skills to practical scenarios, such as sharing food or matching numbers to objects

    Demonstrates a foundational understanding of shapes, spatial orientation, and can create patterns

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

    Communication & Language

    Uses an expansive vocabulary and constructs detailed sentences

    Exhibits listening and speaking skills that allow for effective group discussions and sharing

    Follows multi-step instructions for activities and contributes to storytelling sessions

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

    Personal, Social & Emotional Development

    Demonstrates increasing emotional self-regulation and handles minor setbacks well

    Engages in more complex social interactions, following group norms and rules

    Exhibits independence and takes initiative in selecting and completing tasks

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

    Physical Development

    Exhibits proficient fine motor skills, capable of using scissors and utensils, and shows a preference for either the left or right hand

    Engages in complex motor activities like jumping and skipping that demonstrate advanced balance and coordination

    Participates in organized physical activities that require following rules and understanding spatial relationships

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

    Understanding The World

    Shows a better memory, capable of memorizing addresses and recalling favorite stories

    Expresses curiosity about the natural world and human-made environments

    Engages in project-based learning, showing planning and execution skills

  • Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

    Expressive Arts & Design

    Creates detailed and recognizable drawings and paintings

    Engages in imaginative role-play with complex scenarios

    Shows an understanding of rhythm, pitch, and melody in musical activities

Pre-Primary (5–6 years old)

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