12 – 24 months (1 – 2 years old)

1 – 2 year old babies can crawl proficiently, walk, and even start to speak a little. Children will begin to explore and discover new abilities for themselves in the years to come.

Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

Comprehensive Development Milestones Of A Busy Bees Child
Pre-Nursery (12 – 24 months)

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)


    Shows interest in colorful pictures

    May mimic turning pages of a book

    Responds to simple nursery rhymes

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)


    Begins to understand the concept of “more” and “less”

    Shows interest in basic shapes

    Enjoys stacking objects

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

    Communication & Language

    Uses basic gestures like pointing

    Babbles and may say a few simple words

    Responds to simple verbal commands

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

    Personal, Social & Emotional Development

    Forms basic attachments with caregivers

    Begins to recognize familiar faces

    Shows basic emotions like happiness, anger, and fear

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

    Physical Development

    Able to sit unaided and may start to walk

    Explores objects using hands and mouth

    Starts to use basic hand-eye coordination

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

    Understanding The World

    Shows curiosity in exploring immediate surroundings

    Begins to differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar environments

    Reacts to sounds and movements

  • Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

    Expressive Arts & Design

    Enjoys tactile sensory play

    Responds to bright colors

    Engages in basic rhythmic activities like clapping

Pre-Nursery (12–18 months)

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