4 – 5 years old

The psychology of 4 – 5 years old children has many changes. This is the period when children develop significantly intellectually and emotionally, finding ways to control themself and make their own decisions in every situation.

Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

Comprehensive Development Milestones of a Busy Bees Child
Kindergarten (4 – 5 years old)

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)


    Demonstrates proficiency in alphabetic knowledge and can recognize their own name and other familiar words

    Engages actively in reading activities, including predicting story outcomes and discussing story elements

    Shows phonological awareness by recognizing rhyming words and clapping syllables

    Exhibits early writing skills, able to describe drawings and copy letters, particularly from their own name

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)


    Demonstrates number recognition and counting skills, including understanding terms like “more than” and “fewer than”

    Exhibits basic understanding of numerical values, able to match numbers to corresponding quantities

    Engages in spatial reasoning, identifying and describing shapes and their positions using terms like “under” and “next to”

    Shows interest in exploratory activities involving numbers and shapes, such as puzzles and sorting exercises

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

    Communication & Language

    Uses an expansive vocabulary and forms complex sentences in conversations

    Comprehends and follows multi-step instructions for activities

    Actively engages in group discussions and storytelling sessions

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

    Personal, Social & Emotional Development

    Exhibits effective emotional self-regulation during structured activities and free play

    Demonstrates social skills through cooperation and sharing during group activities

    Takes on classroom responsibilities, showing early signs of leadership and independence

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

    Physical Development

    Manoeuvres with agility in running, climbing, and obstacle courses

    Performs fine motor tasks like cutting shapes and drawing figures

    Shows independence in personal hygiene and self-care activities

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

    Understanding The World

    Asks questions to understand cause and effect in natural and social contexts

    Differentiates between past and present, relating it to personal experiences

    Demonstrates basic understanding of various environments through exploration and discussion

  • Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

    Expressive Arts & Design

    Creates recognizable art through drawing and painting activities

    Engages in imaginative role-play based on familiar and fantastical themes

    Participates in musical activities, showing interest in rhythm
    and movement

Kindregaten (4–5 years old)

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